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Great Back Yard Bird Count – February 16th to 19th

Consideration & Wellbeing

This week we were gifted a chainsaw cardinal carving by one of our customers. It was a grand, wonderful, and unexpected gift. I was touched by her generosity. She bid on it at a charity fund raising event. The artist created on site as a donation. She told us she bought it for us because of our kind acts.

The gift makes me think of all of the consideration this wooden cardinal embodies. So many acts of kindness ,thoughtfulness and generosity are stored within this piece of wood.

The customer's generosity in giving me a gift that will bring me pleasure in viewing and tenderness to my heart each time I look at it. The smiles this work will bring to my customers when they see it on display. The carvers thoughtfulness in turning a log into work of art. He shared his vision and demonstration of the skills he has acquired through practicing of his art form. The time he set aside to participate in the fund raiser. The people who attended the fund raiser to support and aid others, Finally the people who selflessly put thought, energy and elbow grease into making the fundraiser a reality.

I know that the simple kind acts of others impacts our well being even if it is just for a movement. And the moment is enough. The memory and it's impression is created both in our conscious an unconscious mind

As the holidays rush their way towards us it is important to be considerate in the things we do. This does not mean that we buy lots of expensive items and rush about to meet perceived obligations. When we do things because we have to we do not pass on the joy of consideration. Gifts of consideration, ones that come from a place of kindness, caring and thoughtfulness have a much more lasting impression on not only the recipient but on us.

Being considerate is not hard and it is something we all do. I believe our wellness increases when we take the time to consider acts of consideration.

Strive to be happy. gretchen

Transitions & Observation from My Kitchen Window.

I am sitting at my kitchen window as I write this blog.  I can see my garden, the woods and some of my feeding stations.  It has been a strange summer with temperatures up and down and so much rain. My lawn was actually green and required regular mowing in August which never happens. My garden looks so good right now. I would like to take credit, but the weather has been good to my flowers.

I can see hints of color in the woods behind my house and I am reminded of the constant transitions in our lives.  This some of the things I see observe that let me know that summer is waining.  The wild grape leaves are turning red.  Hornets are buzzing round the jelly feeder that the orioles abandoned a few days ago as left for their winter home. Hummingbirds are hitting both the flowers and the feeders hard as they try to bulk up for their long trek over the ocean.  Did you know they need to double their weight this month?  I have not seen Robins in quite a few weeks, and I no longer hear the raspy metallic call of the redwing blackbirds. 

I know about plants because I touch the dirt they grow in.  I pull the weeds they compete with, and I water them. I have better understanding of my backyard birds because I feed them.

Today I noticed not as many birds at my feeders, and I wonder why. Is there a hawk in the area. Is it because of the abundance of seed and insects that my friends do not rely on my feeding station?  I sit and watch and to see what is happening.

The high humidity reminds me it is time to clean my feeders since mold likes this weather to grow.  I also know it is time to clean out the bird house since nesting season is over.  Another bonus is that is much more pleasant to wash feeders and houses while it is warm outside.  I don't like cold wet fingers.  '-)  

 The plants in my garden and the birds at the feeding station allow me the opportunity to observe nature in a much more meaningful way. Instead of looking at a blue screen reading about the world as I am told it is. I am looking out my kitchen window seeing the world as it is. Observation is a wonderful thing. It is we learn from reality not from the thoughts of others. I read a lot to gather information, but it is only from doing that I actually know anything. To me everything else is a theory or a possibility.

I sincerely believe that everyone should have a feeding or a watering station near the window they look out as they have an early morning beverage or the place, they take a momentary break in their busy day to look out see what is going on around them. Taking care of the feeder or watering station puts you out in the world, an active participant. It does not need to be big or elaborate or expensive. Simple works just as well to hone your skills of observation. Feeding birds, bugs and creatures will improve your wellbeing, I promise. It will give you a sense of your contribution to life. It will let you know that you are needed by providing care of other.

Take care of yourself. I recently hear a quote. You cannot serve anyone until you serve yourself.   '-) gretchen

JJ’s 5th Annual Scarecrow Contest

It is time to put on your thinking caps for this years annual  JJ Cardinals Scarecrow Contest.

Each year we open the area in front of the store to display unique and playful art in the form of scarecrows.   The community response has always been very positive.  People stop to see the display and take picture of themselves and friend by their favorites.

Our customers vote with each purchase. The winner takes home a grand prize of $100.  

The contest is open to anyone or any group.  This would be a great team build/fund raiser for schools, teams ....

The only rules are that it be home crafted, not purchased and that it is family appropriate. 

The contest opens on October 1 and continues through Halloween night.