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Bird Food

One of the favorites at the store are the bulk bins.  For the majority of our seeds we make individual packages from a bulk bin. There are three advantages:
1. The seed is fresher than the prepackage big box stores.
2. We can customize blends (mix different seeds together in a bag for customers that like their own blends).
3. We normally pack in 5 and 10 lb bags for people that have storage or lifting issues.   We can also use their own clean containers to reduce landfill usage.  We recycle clean returned bags.

JJ's Crafted Blends

*JJ's Best for a wide variety of songbirds this blend was created by Louise and is the blend she built the business with. 

* No Mess a no hull blend to suit a wide range of birds the allows for a neater feeding experience 

* Cardinal Delight a blend there of their favorite sees   We also mix our own Finch Mix that does not contain any of the filler seeds found in so many other mixes.  

* Finch Mix - we hand mix our own finch blend that works in all thistle feeders without any of the fillers found in many commercial blends. 

JJ has a large variety of other seeds; oilers, thistle, sunflower hearts, safflower, nutrasaff, nut & friut blends, corn, millet, whole and shelled peanuts, kritter mix, quality suet, seed cylinders, hummingbird nectar and oriole jelly.