Memorial and Remembrance, Bells & Chimes

Made for us by North Country Wind Bells, Maine. Started in 1975; Jim and May Davidson, owners, helped us create this “Memory Bell” with the addition of symbolic “circle and angel” windcatcher on their 8″ Boothbay Harbor Bell that reflects the mellow calm that overtakes all at the day’s end.

Circle of Life Memory Bell and The Oak Leaf Remembrance Bell message is included with each bell in remembrance of your loved one.


Circle of Life Memory Bell:

powder coated steel; angel windcatcher, 14″ in length, and the angel sail is 5″ in diameter – both surfaces are in the copper vein finish. Still just


Chesapeake Wind Bell

Chesapeake Wind Bell has a deep rich single tone and will remind you of the shore. This bell is 14″ tall   Star motif wind sail included. Steel.  Rugged.   Made in USA.


Smokey Mountain Wind Bell with Cardinal Motif
The Smokey Mountain area is known for its diversity of plant and animal life. This bell produces three rich and diverse tones, is 10″ tall. $44.00. Red cardinal motif wind sail included. The bell itself is scalloped and an attractive spruce green. Made from steel right here in the USA.


The Oak Leaf Remembrance Bell by North Country Bells, Maine (see above). Yep. Made in the USA.

The Oak Leaf Remembrance Bell
is one of the most meaningful ways to express your sympathy to families. Oaks are a long-lived growing legacy that benefits all of nature. May the memory of those lost live on in the mighty oaks we see, and may this gentle wind-bell be a reminder of the strength of love and the continuation of life.  Bell: black finish, and hammered bronze finish on wind sale. Two sizes:

Medium: 8″ x 5″, overall length 26″ $42.

Large:  overall length 36″ $62.

Majesty Bells is a premier domestic manufacturer of fine, hand-tuned tubular windchimes – proudly crafted in Manassas Park, Virginia, USA.

Majesty Bells Wind Chimes
available in two lengths and three finishes:

W416S (silver), 18″, $32
W416B, (bronze), 18″, $32
W416G (forest green),18″, $34

and in a larger size:
W516S (silver), 24″, $48
W516B (bronze), 24″, $48
W516G (forest green), 24″ $50
Made in USA

Gentle Spirits by Majesty Bells
available in six lengths and three finishes:

G106BL (black), 27″, $62
G106CV (copper vein), 27″,$62
G106PM (dark plum), 27″, $62
G206BL (black), 29″, $74
G206CV (copper vein), 29″,$74
G206PM (dark plum), 29″, $74
G306BL (black), 36″, $86
G306CV (copper vein), $86
G406BL (black), 44″, $116
G516BL (black), 50″, $176
G446BL (black), 74″, $216
Made in USA.

Majesty Bells Wind Chimes – “In Loving Memory”
Both are inscribed on the wind sail with this quote on by Helen Keller:
“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.”

#L418C, 24″ copper color, $59.00

Mini Chimes
are made from recycled window glass and bottle glass. Top pattern painted on with powdered glass, and then fused in a kiln. Every one is handmade. May be hung indoors or out.


Mini Chimes:

Cobalt blue recycled glass 4″ wide x 8″ long + loop.

Item #JRM10. $28.95


Mini Chimes:

Aqua Recycled Glass 4″ wide x 8″ long + loop.

Item #JRM11. $28.95