J.J. Cardinal’s stocks the popular “There Is A Season” wild bird design – three images on every tapered can….cardinals, goldfinch & chickadee canisters to hold your bird seed and keep it safe and dry.  Made with pride in the USA.


Chickadee Canister

Beautiful 6½ gallon can holds approx. 32½ pounds of seed, this can has handles! 12½” diameter x 14½” tall.


Goldfinch Canister

Gorgeous 3½ gallon can holds approx. 17½ pounds of seed. 
10″ diameter x 11½” tall.


Cardinal Canister

Lovely 2 gallon can holds approx. 10 pounds of seed.
10″ diameter x 9½” tall.


10 gallon galvanized steel seed can with locking lid. An excellent pet food/bird seed storage can. 16″ diameter x 18½” tall (22½” tall with locking lid handle in upright position)The quality is evident in every “S & K Ware” can produced. All cans are carefully manufactured from prime, heavy gauge galvanized steel, and feature deep body corrugations for superior strength and durability. Shielded wire reinforcement structure the top and bottom can edges. Dual drop side handles and recessed can bottom ease container handling. Corrugated galvanized lids fit securely. High strength handle attachments. . Made in the USA . Item #SC10 


5 gallon galvanized steel seed can
with locking lid 12-7/8” diameter x 12″ tall with locking lid handle. You might think we are selling Galvanized trash cans, but, turns out these are top of the line Bird Seed Storage Containers that look like a trash can. Amazing what a bit of marketing can do. Lots of good stuff comes from the state of Ohio and we thank our friends from Coldwater, Ohio for keeping us stocked on these high quality products. Made in the USA by S&K Products.
item #SC5. 


Keep your bird seed fresh with the Woodlink Seed Container. This 8 quart plastic storage container features the patented Dual-Pour lid. It’s great for birdseed, pet food and pet litter. No scoops, spills or bugs. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Filling your feeders has never been easier
  • Made of clear, heavy-duty plastic it keeps the contents safe from moisture and pests and allows you to monitor seed level also
  • Container features a tight lid with two ways to pour: flip top or pour spout making for easier filling of bird feeders with less spilling
  • Use it to fill any top open type feeder
  • Easily fill with seed by removing the entire lid or cut off the top of the bag and place the bag of seed in the container, tuck the Bag-Gripper extra plastic on the lid inside the bag and snap the lid back on
  • $22.95

Funnel Seed Scoop – features a wide mouth for scooping and a narrow funneled end for pouring. The funnel doubles as a handle. A sliding cover prevents spillage before you are ready to pour. Simply open the sliding cover with your thumb or finger to pour. It can be used for bird seed, pet food, animal grain, ice melt, or whatever you need to scoop. It measures 10″ long and holds 3 cups. Made of burgundy plastic and is designed to hold up to years of daily use. 


The Big Dipper – This scoop makes those big jobs quick and easy — great for scooping birdseed, dog & other pet food, and for gardening chores. 2 Qt. capacity. It even will sit “upright” with it’s nice, flat bottom & won’t tip over.


Droll Yankees Transparent Blue Seed Scoop – flat section allows you to rest a partially filled scoop without spilling…freeing your hands to tend to other tasks (like opening a feeder lid). Wide mouth for scooping and a narrow funneled end for pouring. The well-positioned handle makes the transition from scooping to pouring quick and easy. 14″ long and holds over 2 pounds of seed, pet food, or other grains. Durable plastic construction – designed to withstand years of daily use. Made in the USA. Model #SS2,