Trying to avoid squirrels?


Seeds like bright white safflower and thistle (niger, or “Guizotia abyssinica” seed) have advantages for some consumers battling critters at their feeders. Squirrels are not fond of either of these seeds. No baffles or additional equipment required.

We’ll help you select the right seed or custom blend
to attract the type of birds you desire.

NutraSaff Organic Golden Safflower is a variety of safflower developed without the thick white hull, yet offers 15% more oil content, 25% higher protein 30% higher fat content (energy) than traditional “bright white safflower”. NutraSaff provides higher energy sources with less waste and less mess around feeding stations. However, unlike traditional bright white safflower seed, we have found red squirrels and black birds are somewhat attracted to NutraSaff.

Thistle / Niger(Guizotia abyssinica)

This tiny black seed has a high oil content and is very appealing to American Goldfinches and other finches. Place this seed in a finch tube feeder that has tiny holes so the seed will not fall out. The seed has a shell, so imagine how small the meats of the niger seed are!

Feeding birds “thistle” seed will not create a problem for your yard because the seed will not sprout under the feeder. This bird seed is not from the wildflower thistle. The seed that is fed to birds commonly called “thistle” is actually imported from India, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Nepal. It is heat-sterilized when it is imported into this country so it will not germinate and therefore will not grow (weeds) under your feeder.

Cardinal Delight

One of the best tube-feeder blends. 99% clean premium Black-oil Sunflower, bright white Safflower, and Select Sunflower Chips.

J.J.’s Best Mix

For all types of feeders, “best” all around seed blend for the widest variety of birds. 99% clean premium Black-oil Sunflower, White-proso Millet, bright white Safflower, Select sunflower chips, Peanuts, Medium Cracked corn, Grit & Soy Oil. We sell tons of it every month…literally.

“No-Mess” Mix

Select sunflower chips, peanut splits, and hulled white-proso millet. A mighty rich mix high in proteins and essentials fats. For most any feeder type with virtually “no mess” because the shells have been removed – the mix is 99.9% consumable! (Sure, there is typically one or two rebel shells in the bag that refuse to go.) Seeds which fall to ground that are not eaten by ground feeding birds and critters – uneaten seeds will not germinate.

J.J.’s Finch Mix™

Finches love this mix of their two favorite seeds. Finely crushed Select Sunflower Chips and Thistle (niger, or “Guizotia abyssinica” seed).

Tip: be sure the feeder used with this product is well protected with a baffle or other device to keep squirrels out. Critters are not fond of Thistle (niger) but love the sunflower hearts!
Finch Mix

J.J.’s Nut ‘n Fruity Mix

Contains: mixed nuts, sunflower hearts, dried Michigan cherries, suet balls, and raisins.

JJ’s Woodpecker Mix

Contains: mixed nuts including pistachio, dried Michigan cherries, and raisins.

Kritter Mix

Each bag contains yummy striped sunflower seeds, Michigan-grown whole and cracked corn, and whole and shelled peanuts. We have not seen another mix for critters (squirrels, chipmunks, turkeys, songbirds, and others) exactly like ours, which means your backyard party, will be completely unique! All kinds of Critters love our Kritter Mix. And at $15 for a generous 20-pound bag you might be saying: “Honey please pass the Kritter Mix.” Also available in 35-lb bag, $24.85




Johnny’s Corn On The Cob
has been a staple at JJ Cardinal’s ever since we opened in 1991.

Dozen ears: $3.95
also available: whole corn and cracked corn – call for details and pricing.

Fruitberry Nut Seed Log
by Pinetree Farms
Made in USA – Contains black oil sunflower seed, white millet, corn, red millet, peanuts, safflower seed, dried blueberries, gelatin. Available in 2 sizes:

6″ diameter x 6¼” tall. 4½ lbs. $18.95.

4″ dia x 6″ tall, 2 lbs. $8.95

Seed Cylinder Holder
For the above Fruitberry Nut Log

The ideal device for offering compressed seed cakes in your backyard habitat. Premium galvanized steel, powder coated seed cylinder feeder complete with 9½” protective top. Assembled height: 10″ tall. Item # CYFHLDN. Made in USA.