Put feeders up by mid-April,(Tax Day!) to attract early migrants–a week or two later in the northern U.S. and Canada, a week or two earlier along the Gulf Coast (see average arrival dates at Migration Map). http://www.hummingbirds.net/map.html

DON’T wait until you see your first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the spring, which may be well after the first ones arrive.

Be safe, be clean, be responsible:

  •  Don’t add red food coloring to attract the hummingbirds. Food coloring is not good for them and it’s not necessary. A red feeder is enough to attract hummingbirds. Tie a red ribbon on your feeder if it is not red.

  • Over time, heat will cause the sugar in the hummingbird formula to ferment and eventually mold will grow in the nectar. Mold will also grow on your feeder. Changing the nectar regularly will prevent this from happening. Every time you change the hummingbird food, wash out your feeder with plain hot water.

High View – Featuring a high perch that invites hummingbirds to rest comfortably as they drink from the feeding ports while offering us (the bird watcher) an unobstructed view of the birds entire body. High View also features a built-in ant deterrent, and you can add Nectar Guard tips if flying insects become a problem. Made in the U.S.A., and backed by Aspects’ lifetime guarantee. 12 oz. capacity.

Model #429  $26.95

HummZinger 8 oz. High View
This feeder includes a HighView perch that invites hummingbirds to rest comfortably as they drink from any of the four feeding ports while also offering an unobstructed view of the birds.The built-in ant moat blocks crawling insects and the feeder can accommodate Nectar Guard tips (sold separately) to prevent bees, wasps, and other flying insects from contaminate the nectar. Constructed of unbreakable polycarbonate, made in the USA, and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Model #430, 8 $21.95

HummBlossom Hummingbird Feeder
by Aspects – in bright rose color.  Just  5″ x 5½” x 2.4″. Features a nectar-saving 4-ounce capacity; the high perch allows you to see the whole anatomy of the bird when feeding and keeps hummingbirds at the feeder longer.  Made in the USA.  Hanging stem included.

Item #433 $14.95

The Aspects HummZinger® Ultra combines Aspects’ patented Nectar-Guard tips with a built-in ant moat. Nectar-Guard tips are flexible membranes attached to the HummZinger Ultra’s feed ports. These unique tips prohibit flying insects from entering and the built-in ant moat stops crawling insects in their tracks before they can reach the nectar. These two patented features provide ultimate protection from insects so you can enjoy the hummingbirds. 12-oz. capacity, 4 feeding ports. Made in the U.S.A.,

Item #367 $24.95


Aspects Humm Blossom Accessory Kit
The Humm blossom Accessory Kit allows you to either hang or stake-mount the HummBlossom feeder with the protection of a 7″ diameter dome and an ant-moat. Magnetic connectors allow the accessories to be detached with ease for filling and cleaning.

Includes: Hanging hook, Ant Moat, Rain Dome, and connectors.


HummZinger Fancy
A Hummingbird Feeder With a Twist! Easy-to-Clean, Built-in Ant-Moat. 12 oz. Capacity. Lifetime Guarantee. Brass hanging rod, and decorative solid brass bottom finial. Four feed ports for simultaneous feeding, supports Nectar Guard® tips (sold separately), unbreakable poly-carbonate construction, leak and drip proof, made in the U.S.A. See detailed view – lid removed (right).

Item #381 $33.50


Jewel Box Window Feeder – perch invites hummers to rest comfortably as they drink from any of three feeding ports while also offering an unobstructed view of the birds. You can use this feeder with or without the ant moat to block crawling insects. Features a generous 8 oz. capacity, sturdy poly-carbonate construction, and a suction cup mounted bracket.

Model #407 $28.50

Happy 8 by Droll Yankees
Leak-proof design is a Droll Yankees Guarantee! Ruby red top provides a natural attraction for Hummingbirds. Low-profile design: 3½” height offers unobstructed view from any angle. Featuring eight feeding ports and a circular perch ring, Nectar Guard Tips™ protect feeder from bees & other flying insects.  Feeding port flowers are removable for easy cleaning. UV-stabilized acrylic construction (BPA-free & safe for Hummers). Snap-fit cover features engraved nectar recipe. Perfect Little Brush (PLB), 8 Nectar Guard Tips™ included. To refill: simply lift the inner lid. To clean: remove the inner lid & then lift the outside cover off; dishwasher safe.  Hang using the 11″ dependably durable brass rod, or pole-mount using the threaded base. 1 Qt capacity. Click here for Nature’s Nectary Instructional booklet (.pdf format). Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty covers defective parts. Made in the U.S.A.

Item #DYH82.  $42.95


The Gem, an adorable 4-ounce capacity feeder, is a great value and the perfect size for gift giving. The Gem features our patented HighView perch, engraved nectar scale, and supports nectar tips (sold separately). Backed with a Lifetime Guarantee from manufacturer: Aspects. 3″ x 4½” x 6¼”.



Droll Yankees Ruby Sipper Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

The pretty, petal-inspired cap makes this feeder a welcome dining spot for your feathered friends. It features a clear, poly-carbonate reservoir that holds 4 ounces of nectar and the deep red cap captures the hummingbird’s attention. With three nectar ports, you may have more that one birds to dine at once. Dimensions: 4¾” dia. x 2″ Made in the USA, self-hanging.





Holland Hill Long 3-Tube Feeder
Hummingbirds love these feeders because they closely mimic natural flowers. Glass tubes slide out for easy cleaning and refilling. Red caps (and on some models, red baubles) are all the color needed to attract hummingbirds. Made in the US of A.  

Model #22HK $36.95


Holland Hill – Copper and Verdigris Patina Hummingbird Feeder – Hand crafted in U.S.A. glass nectar vial with inviting red cap holds just the right amount of nectar to prevent spoilage. Central stem provides built-in hook, top and bottom. The super-sturdy lower hook is ideal for attaching a hanging plant or “ganging” multiple feeders. Made in the US of A.
Short  3-tube 

model #HMBF  $28.95

Window-Mount Hummingbird Feeder from Holland Hill  heavy-gauge copper wire with perch and fancy dangling red hand-blown glass bauble, easy-to-clean glass vial nectar holder and hummer attracting red nectar portal. 

Window mount feeder with suction cup (provided).

Model #WWH1  $16.95

Window-Mount Hummingbird Feeder from Holland Hill – heavy-gauge copper wire, one easy-to-clean glass vial nectar holder with red nectar portal. Nope, no decorative glass bauble nor a perch, but it’s still only:  

Model #WF1T $8.95 

Dual Tube Window – Mount Hummingbird Feeder with red glass ball bauble and perches from Holland Hill – heavy-gauge copper wire,  two easy-to-clean glass vial nectar holders and hummingbird-attracting red nectar portal. Includes super-strong suction cup to attach this cute little feeder to window glass.

Item #WWH2   $21.95

Dual Tube Window – Mount Hummingbird Feeder from Holland Hill – heavy-gauge copper wire,  two easy-to-clean glass vial nectar holders and hummingbird-attracting red nectar portal. Includes super-strong suction cup to attach this cute little feeder to window glass. 

Item #WF2T $13.95

Hand-Held Wand-Style
hummingbird feeder by Holland Hill – heavy-gauge copper wire,   easy-to-clean glass vial nectar holder/tube. Red glass bauble. 14½” long. Made in the US of A.

Item #WHWA. $21.95

Flower Pot Hummingbird Feeder
by Holland Hill
Brighten your garden with this easy-to-use feeder that sticks right into a flower pot, or planter. 19″ tall x 7″ wide; made in the US of A. Solid copper stake with decorative glass bauble and vial holder. Glass nectar vial included.

Item #FPF1 $18.95

Replacement stopper with glass tube and red tip for hummingbird feeders (we do not sell the pieces that make up the assembly separately, sold as a unit only).

#1 stopper with glass tube and red tip 5/8″ (end of stopper that goes inside the feeder) x 13/16″ (widest part), $4.95
#2 stopper with glass tube and red tip 11/16″ (end of stopper that goes inside the feeder) x 15/16″ (widest part), $5.95

Whether you need a replacement or just like to pre-fill several vials (& store in icebox) – you’ll be glad you planned ahead and got a few additional vials. Genuine glass replacement vials fit the fabulous Holland Hill series of feeders (above) and measure 5/8″ x 4″ with plastic red cap.

$1.75 each Item #VLBG.
Get a handy 6-pack, today! Just $10.00.
Red caps sold separately 83¢ each.

Replacement “Gondola” bottom for Par-a-Sol Hummingbird Feeders
New gondola hummer part is overall, 3-5/8” in diameter. The rubber stopper is 2-1/8” high, and it has a 1″ diameter stopper and three feeding ports. The stopper may be removed for thorough cleaning, too!   



Replacement 5-petal “wasp-proof” red glass flower for Par-a-Sol hummingbird feeders
Par-a-Sol says these “Flower Feeding Tubes” are replacement for all Par-a-Sol brand “top-feeding styles” of hummer feeders. Flower: 1¾” across, stem 2” long,

$6.85 each


Replacement Bee Guards for Perky Pet hummingbird feeders – model numbers: 203-C and 203-CP only. 4-pack,

Part # PP205-Y. $3.95


Replacement Flowers for Perky Pet hummingbird feeders –  model numbers: 122, 209 – 213, 216 – 218, 221, and 260 – 264 only. 9-pack,Part #

PP202-F $3.95


Nectar Guard Tips for Aspects hummingbird feeders
Specifically for HummZinger Fancy, and HummZinger Ultra hummingbird feeders. 12-pack,

Part # Aspects 38 $5.95.

Henrietta Feeder Kit
Includes hand-blown glass feeder shown below with hanging hook, customized cleaning brush, auxiliary S-hook, funnel for filling the feeder, and hummingbird nectar recipe. Beautifully gift boxed, too. Feeder size: approximately 7″ x 4″ x 2″ (manufacturer’s measurements for the assembled feeder: glass and hanger combined).


Parasol’s Bouquet Lunch Pail Hummingbird Feeder
Single station – assorted Colors (clear, green, blue, red, aqua). Reminiscent of old-style lunch pails, these vertical Bouquet™ feeders will delight all as hummingbirds line up on the perch to feed. Recycled glass. Includes small “s” hook for easy hanging. 



Banquet Deluxe Medallion
by Par-a-sol
Made out of recycled glass and the attractive ruby-red medallion with etched hummingbird motif attracts hummingbirds. Holds six ounces of nectar. Available in clear and red only.



Wee Bird Feeder by Par-a-sol
Beautifully hand blown glass seed feeder in an assortment of vibrant colors. This feeder looks lovely hanging alone or in a grouping. We recommend offering safflower or black-oil sunflower seeds which are small bird favorites. It is made out of 100% recycled glass, includes hanging hook, and holds two cups of seed.




Little Droplets by Par-a-sol
This is a beautiful little feeder fit for any garden. Holds 6-ounces of nectar, includes an “S” hook for hanging and hummingbird feeding information.



Window DOTS
Made of bright red recycled poly lumber and stainless steel screws. They chose poly lumber because it will never fade, crack, or split. Two strong suction cups insure the feeder will stay on any window. The feeder includes 2-large, 2 oz feeders (keep one in the fridge ready to go).

Item #NDWD $21.95 


Nectar DOTS
Cute little hand-held hummingbird feeder that has changed the way we feed hummingbirds forever! Imagine having the little jewels come right to your hand to feed. They are made of BPA free plastics and FDA Compliant Food Safe Polypropylene.

Item #NDRR, $3.99

Best-1 Nectar
Yep. It’s the only nectar solution we recommend. It has no preservatives and no artificial coloring, but does contain just what hummers need for added energy: sucrose, dextrose, vitamins and minerals. 14 oz.

Item #best1;   $4.95 

Hummingbird Feeder Fresh Nectar Defender
All-natural product that protects the freshness of hummingbird nectar and stops spoilage. It is bird-safe, and it works by using a micro-nutrient naturally consumed by hummingbirds in their diets of nectar and insects. Feeder Fresh ND will protect your nectar for weeks, and hummingbirds will enjoy fresh nectar every time they visit your feeder. Simply add a small amount to your current nectar.  One bottle will likely last an entire season.   It contains no artificial preservatives or dyes. (The bottle is red, not the solution…which is clear.   Change nectar when it appears cloudy. 4 oz.,



Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder
the original – glass reservoir 2¼” diameter x 7″ high. Double ring perching bar surrounds 8 nectar ports. 8 oz. capacity. Feeder base made from durable poly-carbonate plastic. Made in the USA.



Grande Best-1 Hummer Feeders – the original – glass reservoir 3½” diameter x 8¾” high.  Double ring perching bar surrounds eight nectar ports. 32 oz. capacity. Feeder base made from durable poly-carbonate plastic. Made in the USA.


no-nectar hummingbird protein feeder”
Attract hummingbirds by first attracting fruit flies that are a favorite for our tiny fine feathered friends. Simply open the two-piece feeder, add 2 to 3 bananas and within a few days hummingbirds will arrive to feast on the fruit flies. Made in the USA.


Hummingbird and Oriole Feeder Cleaner by Care Free Enzymes – Uniquely formulated to clean glass, acrylic, plastic, and ceramics, and will treat the hard, dark water scum build up often seen inside hummingbird feeders. This cleaner will unclogs dripper tubes while preventing scum and waterline rings. All-purpose, all-surface, grime and dirt remover comprised of a unique blend of natural enzymes that are 100% biodegradable. May be used indoors or outdoors; 16-ounces,


Hummer Brush – for cleaning hummingbird and other style feeders. 13″ long, bristle 1½” diameter. Flexible steel wire handle. Wildlife Accessories item #S-10037.


Hummer Plus (above) a great brush by Droll Yankees – curved, soft natural bristles, ideal for cleaning hummingbird feeders.


The Perfect Little Brush (AKA: PLB) – ideal for reaching tiny spaces, 3½” long. $1.50

Test tube brush by Holland Hill, 9” long. $6.25


Nectar Protector Clear
This ant deterrent holds 300% more than the next largest competitor. It’s clear so it doesn’t confuse the Hummers, and you can see when it’s empty! 4″ x 5″,  

Item #SE601. $5.95

Hooks – genuine bronze hooks and hangers by Erva. Ideal for light duty service such as small bird feeders or hanging plants. 1/8″ (dia.):
·BR3 3″     $2.29
·BR8 8″     $2.60
·BR14 14″ $3.00
·BR20 20″ $3.99

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.


Flutterby by Nature Products AKA Birds Choice

The original butterfly feeder. 12 oz. capacity



Butterfly Feeder by Songbird Essentials – Attract butterflies to your garden with this cute little feeder. Wicks and tubes mimic flower blossoms. Can be hung with hanger (included), or mounted on a ¾” pole. 6-ounce capacity,



Butterfly Nectar – from Songbird Essentials – attract butterflies to your garden. Contents made in USA. 5 oz. (makes 3¼ qt.). Formulated by professional butterfly breeders (ingredients: Dextrose, Sucrose, Fructose, Sodium salts, Orchicae extracts, and trace minerals).


The Baltimore oriole is a small icterid blackbird common in eastern North America as a migratory breeding bird.

Oriole Fest by Birds Choice™  – a virtual oriole buffet! 3-in-1; you can offer Nectar, fruit and jelly. Accommodates one half orange on post, recessed jelly cups (grape preferred), 12 oz. capacity nectar reservoir. Features: includes bee & wasp guards, built-in ant guard, polycarbonate orange lid & clear nectar bowl, 1-yr. warranty against defects, dishwasher safe. U.S. Patent # 5,269,258.

Item # 1009. $18.95 


Bee Guards
Set of 8 – designed for the Birds Choice™  Oriole Fest (shown left). 
Engineered to fit older models.


The Ultimate Oriole Feeder
by Songbird Essentials
Finally, an oriole feeder with enough nectar, orange halves, and jelly capacity to attract AND hold orioles in your yard!  When orioles arrive, they are starving and quickly consume what is on other feeders.  When the feeders are empty, they move elsewhere looking for more to eat.  This will not happen to you with this Ultimate Oriole Feeder.

Details: 12″ diameter, 10½” tall,  1-quart capacity (32 oz.); four jelly cavities which will hold four times the jelly compared to other nectar/jelly combo feeders.  Easy to fill and clean with large oriole-friendly perches; holds four orange halves and features a built-in “ant-moat” that can be easily filled with water and effective (ants won’t cross water).  The whole feeder is the color orange to attract orioles from every possible angle. Also, this product is BPA FREE*.  Made in the USA. 



Second Nature Oriole Feeder – the sides and base are made from poly lumber: recycled material that is durable & very easy to clean. Clear plexi-roof, 2 jelly cups, 2 fruit spikes. Steel hanging cable. 12-5/8” x 7-3/8” x 7¼”. Another fine Birds Choice product. Item #SNOF.


Jelly Cups
Replacement cups for Birds Choice Oriole Feeders (left). Plastic (import alert: made in China). Top rim: 3½” diameter. Bottom diameter: 2
½“; height: 1½“. 

$2.25 each

Oriole & Hummingbird Nectar  from Birds Choice
8-ounces; No Dyes, No Preservatives, No Additives. One box makes eight cups of nectar – ingredients: sucrose.



Oriole Nectar Sugar Concentrate
Mix five parts cool water to one part oriole nectar concentrate to offer orioles a high-energy, vitamin and calcium packed food. Orioles love it! Makes 192 fl. oz. of prime oriole food.


BirdBerry Jelly. Grape & Blackberry mixture; it is SO good, you’ll want to have breakfast with the Birds! This is a human-grade jelly in a 20½ oz squeeze bottle that makes filling all jelly feeders easy. Made from grape juice, concord grapes, blackberries and pure granular sugar. Compare to normal grocery labels and you’ll see BirdBerry is a higher quality – that’s better for the birds! No preservatives or additives. No corn sweetener products – no high-fructose corn syrup. Lower sugar levels, more fruit – ALL NATURAL and made in the USA!



Holland Hill Dual Cup Jelly Feeder
by Holland Hill
2  Pyrex® jelly cups* held in an attractively simple copper wire frame. Tres` artistic. Ideal for offering grape jelly or marmalade – two of the oriole fav’s.



Fruit & Jelly Feeder
by Holland Hill – 2 “spikes” with Pyrex® jelly cup*. Ideal for offering oranges and grape jelly. Made from heavy gauge copper wire.



The Anchor by Holland Hill
Holds 4 whole fruit. Twisted copper with 4 spiral hooks. Stands 9″ tall. Great for oranges, apples and other fruits.




Oriole Flower Feeder
Environmentally friendly black powder-coated wire frame provides support for the birds while feeding. One cup for jelly; two spikes for fruit. 7¼” x 7½” x 10½”. Item #OFF; Made in the USA.


Hanging Oriole Feeder
Made in the USA; Quality GoodPlanet™ construction solid cedar with zinc coated screws. Routed and sanded edges. Roof painted autumn red,  recessed glass cup for grape jelly – hardwood spikes for fruit. Overall size: 11¾” L x 9½” H x 3½” W.  Hanging cable, coated steel, is included.


Replacement Jelly Cups

Small glass cup fits GoodPlanet™ Window-Mount Oriole Feeder & other designs. Top diameter: 2½”,  bottom diameter: 1-7/8“.  Height: 1-7/8“.

Taller glass “flower pot” shaped cup fits the GoodPlanet™ Hanging Oriole Feeder (shown left). Top diameter: 2¾” x 3″ tall.

2 sizes – $2.00 each:

Nectar Protector Jr.
Hummingbird  or for Orioles. Ant deterrent holds plain tap water which ants will not cross keeping your nectar feeder free of ants. Include “S” hook, 4″ diameter x 3½”, Item #625.

Specify Red or Orange or Clear Colors- $5.95



Detourant Ant Guard
Keep sugar ants out of liquid hummingbird and oriole feeders. The unique design slows down water evaporation requiring less frequent filling. 3¼” x 3¼”. Item #DET.