Mammals of North America

by Roland W. Kays, and Don E. Wilson–this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date field guide to the mammals of North America. Flexi-bound cover,


Mammals of the Northeast

By John O. Whitaker, Jr. & Randall Reeves
The over-size format allows for truly spectacular reproduction of full-color photographs of lynx, bobcat, moose, deer, whales, and dolphins by several celebrated photographers.


Raccoons A Natural History
By Samuel I. Zeveloff – The word ‘raccoon’ is drawn from the Native American Algonquian language. Their term arakun roughly translates to “he who scratches with his hands.” Anyone who has found a raccoon rummaging around in a once securely closed trash container can attest to how skillful raccoons are with their front paws. Samuel Zeveloff explores this trait and much more in his accessible natural history of raccoons.


Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America
By Fiona A. Reid – Fourth edition – completely rewritten, with all-new range maps and illustrations for all species. All the mammals of North America north of Mexico are covered, including those found in near-shore waters. The most comprehensive, in-depth, and current guide to North American mammals, this book is the only one to include both paintings and photographs, as well as photographs of animal skulls.