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Twin pack of gyroscopes for a world of fun, and both educational and instructive. Made in the USA!


Single Gyroscope from Tedco Toys
Give your child the wonder of a toy you played with when you were little! Even the packaging on this gyroscope will make you think of your childhood. Includes starting string, pedestal and instructions for several amazing tricks. Winner of the coveted Parents’ Choice Gold Award by the Parents’ Choice Foundation. Made In USA. For ages 8+.


3-D Illusion Maker
Kids will marvel at a fun toy that creates holograms — realistic three-dimensional images that look real but cannot be touched! The magic is in the parabolic mirror and its ability to intake and reflect light. Works with any small object — marbles, flowers, buttons, rings, coins and so much more! Plastic frog included. For ages 4+.


Butterflies of the World

The world’s most beautiful butterflies are identified by name and location in perhaps the most elegant puzzle Ernest O. Brown has designed. 1000 pieces. Item #WHITE168. Pkg size: 15¼” x 11½” x 2¼”.


Scramble Squares                  by b.dazzle, Inc. “Easy to Play, But Hard to Solve”
Perhaps the World’s most challenging puzzle!  Choose from insects, frogs, hummingbirds (not shown), and these selections shown below: North American birds, cats, ladybugs, black-capped chickadees, squirrels, and butterflies. We know you will enjoy their beautiful and challenging puzzles. Finished nine-piece puzzle is 12″ x 12″.  Made in the U.S.A.each.  Over 30 different puzzles now in stock.


Jacob’s Ladder

An original American handmade toy by Channel Craft…still made right here in the USA. Includes history* of the ladder, illusions, animal shapes to create, and a magic trick! Solid wood, 6¾” x 2” x ½”,



Pet Tornado
Buy the best; the original Pet Tornado by Tedco. A slight twist of your wrist and you can create a beautiful tornado in a bottle. Don’t be fooled by imitations; they just are not as good! Information about F1-F5 tornadoes is included.  Great for kids age 5+.

Item #80953  $5.95


Toysmith Magna Buzz
The mystery of magnets. Made out of polished hematite; they bounce off each other & create amazing buzzing sounds. Ages 8+;

Item #797-380.  $3.95

Bamboo Puzzles How fast can you disassemble and reassemble the Bamboozlers? 3 styles: #6499A, diamond shape, or #6499B, square shape; specify style when ordering please. Ideal for ages 8+ to adult.



Krooom 3D Puzzles
Amazing pieces of art that will challenge kids and bring happiness when completed. Designed for children’s safety, free from hazardous substances. Krooom puzzles are lightweight, strong & sturdy – made from recycled post-consumer paper. Simple designs and “no-tools required” assembly.
Waterproof coating.


The Original Hoberman Transforming Sphere
“It’s a classic invention.”
Magically expands with a burst of color from 9½” to 30″.  Includes a “21 cool things to do” game sheet, and educational booklet. At Hoberman, they combine creative designs with precision engineering to create products that delight the eye, stimulate the mind and introduce the unexpected. We hope you enjoy this toy as much as we do!   For ages 4 to 104!


Thinking Kits 3D Puzzle

4M Thinking Kits provide fun learning and help develop curiosity, problem solving skills and fine motor skills. This big floor puzzle and 3D jungle figures will provide hours of imaginative play.


Wheeee-Ls Soft Cars
Chunky, adorable toy vehicles suitable for newborns and up. Your little one can pull the vehicles back and release them to self propel. Each of these toy cars sports a different color and shape, and makes different sounds. The car rings, the truck chimes, the racer rattles and the taxi squeaks, so these baby toys are ideal for developing your little one’s auditory and motor skills. 

$8.95 each


Little Chick – Finger puppets
by Folkmanis

Item #5544, $5.50

Jack Rabbit Finger Puppet
by Folkmanis
Item #5545,  $7.00

Dutch Rabbit Finger Puppet
by Folkmanis
Item# 5556,  $7.00

Firefly Finger Puppet                by Folkmanis

Firefly guaranteed to light up 50,000 times! That’s 140 times a day for a year. Shiny wings, and cute expression, and what child does not love fireflies? Firefly, 6” long x 2½” wide,


Opossum Finger Puppet
by Folkmanis

Item# 5549,  $7.50

Harbor Seal Hand Puppet

hand puppet – 19″ tall workable mouth,

Item#2537. $34

Jack Rabbit Hand Puppet

hand puppet 21″ tall, workable mouth, movable head and arms, back opening,

Item #2429.  $36.

Ravens Hand Puppet                       by Folkmanis

12″ x 12″ x 14″ tall.



Tiddly Winks in a Classic Toy Tin

36 Winks and 6 Shooters in 6 colors, 1 Scoring Platform & 20 page Handbook. Made in USA.


Marbles in a Classic Toy Tin

Whether you’ve lost your marbles (and seeking a replacement set) or starting a new collection, we can help!  48 assorted Marbles, 2 Large Shooters & 20 page Handbook. Vintage collectable tin storage container. Made in USA.



Play more than 20 classic tabletop coin games with this unique contraption including basketball, baseball, football, hockey and many more! It includes the official SLOTTER, flip card and complete instructions.



Flippin’ Birds
Highly addictive bird flipping table-top game of dexterity and skill for 2 players. A flick of the finger will send each Flippin’ Bird  towards the cup…much like “tidily winks” only better!  Includes 8 Bird playing pieces (4 of two different species) and instructions. For Ages 8 and up.  Made in USA. 


Authentic American Wooden Pick-up Sticks
Contains: gaming instructions, 25 – 3/8” in diameter birch sticks, and handy canvas carrying pouch. And yes, authentic.


Family Tree Parchment Kit by Channel Craft
Research and chart your Family Tree with this DIY kit. Relative leaves, artistic Family Tree on aged parchment, glue dots and instructions included. Made in USA.



Hardwood Throwing Top
by Channel Craft
Toy Jar with Color Canvas Pouch with Maple Throwing Top, 1 Throwing String, String Winder, & 20 page Handbook on history, throwing techniques & top tricks.

Item#TPHCC  $9.95

Maple Tops
by Maple Landmark Toys – Vermont, USA. Simple 1-3/8” diameter, available in red, blue or green. Amazing: trees are grown, harvested, transported as lumber, milled and turned, sanded, painted, packaged, and shipped to our store – where you can get ’em for the insanely low price of just

$1.39 each.

Chinese Checkers
A game for two to six players. Made in the USA by Maple Landmark Woodcraft. Solid cherry board 11½” diameter. Choking hazard for children under age three. Includes complete game instructions,


Maple Cribbage with Cardinal
Solid maple continuous cribbage board features an illustration of a Northern Cardinal pair by the late, great Roger Tory Peterson. The board has two street by 120 hole configuration, pegging out holes, game counter holes, and a closable peg storage compartment on one end. This board measures approximately 4″ wide by 14″ long by 3/4″ thick. Pegs (3 pegs of 2 different colors may vary) and instructions are included. Pegs are finished with a color dye stain and sealed with teak oil. Comes shrink wrapped.


Colored Shape Stacker     by Maple Landmark Woodcraft
The colored Shape Stacker introduces 5 educational concepts. Colors: each shape is one of six rainbow colors. Shapes: the shapes are a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and circle. Names: each of the shapes have the name of the shape engraved in the side. Numbers: each piece has a number engraved on the top: triangle has 1-2-3, square 1-2-3-4 and so on. Patterning: lightest to darkest colors, smallest to largest size. The stacker also helps little ones work on their gross motor skills and provides wonderful tactile experiences. Made from solid hardwood maple, each piece is finished with water based dye stain colors and sealed with a non-toxic clear coat. The entire stack measures just shy of 5″ tall (each piece is ¾” thick) and the largest shape: circle is 5 ½” across. The dowel to hold the pieces is a hefty 1″ thick.



Tic-Tac-Toe – The maple board is approximately 4½” square, with a clearcoat finish for protection and durability. Colorful pegs, die-cut squares, model . Made in USA.

Item #50105-  $10.95

Color Cube by Maple Landmark Woodcraft – This is an easy take-along game for entertaining. There is more than one solution. 2-3/8” square. Made in USA.

Item #50240,   $10.95 

Made by Maple Landmark Toys, in Middlebury, Vermont, USA. Collect all 6 handsome little cars and trucks. 100% wood – finishes and paints are non-toxic and cars come “poly-bagged” (to ensure freshness….ha!). Each car is approx. 3 to 3½” long; ideal to tote anywhere or leave behind in Grandma’ toy chest. Select from: sporty red jeep or blue fastback convertibles, yellow or green sedans, black panel truck, or the mighty red dump truck.

Just $4.95 each.

Etch A Sketch – Classic
For more than 50 years, children and adults have discovered the magical world of creativity and pencil-free drawing with Classic Etch A Sketch! The iconic frame, easy-to-use knobs, classic magic screen and shake-to-erase feature — not to mention the endless hours of fun it provides. This big floor puzzle and 3D jungle figures will provide hours of imaginative play.Thinking Kits provide fun learning and help develop curiosity, problem solving skills and fine motor skills. This big floor puzzle and 3D jungle figures will provide hours of imaginative play.e made it popular all around the world! Sketch, erase, and sketch again with Etch A Sketch.  Recommended for creative minds 3+ yrs of age.


Potholder Loom
Includes sturdy metal loom, 100% cotton loops, metal looping hook, and enough loops to make two potholders. Kids love to make potholders. Made by Harrisville Designs – right here in the USA. $16.95

Potholder Loom Deluxe (new size kit) Contains enough materials to make six pot holders,    $26.95

Bag ‘O Cotton Loops
Contains enough loops to make two colorful potholders, or may be used to make more knotted scarves. For use with Potholder Looms (above). 100% cotton, and made in USA!   (enough to make 2 pot holders)



Bag ‘O Cotton Loops

Large Cotton Loopefill packs: loops for eight pot holders!


Giggle Garden Ball™
by Simply Bright Starts™
The soft textures, natural materials and sweet chiming sounds of this plush ball will keep baby’s senses engaged. When baby rolls the darling 6” plush ball, the chime makes a sweet, soft chime sound. Encourage baby’s gross motor skills to follow after the fun. The natural wood teethers provide safe teething option for baby. Recommended for age 3 months and up.


Golden Guide: Dinosaur
A classic guide for all ages. Paperback, 160 pages, full color illustrations



Dinosaur Origami
Create your own fun dinosaur world with painted dino patterned paper. Place them on the unique pop-up play scene provided. For age 5+ with adult assistance.


Wind-Up Dinosaurs
Build your own wind-up dinosaurs. Make a dino race across a table top, it’s simple!  And fun to play.  Kit makes 4 dinos – ideal for ages 3+.


Dig A Dino Skelton
STEGOSAURUS (blue box) included – plaster block & excavation tools to help dig out the skeleton just like a real archeologist. Assemble and display your findings!  Very cool.  Recommended for ages 5+.  $12.95

Also available:
TRICERATOPS (green box)

Dinosaur World
Build your own dinosaur using interlocking pieces….paint & assemble three one-of-a-kind creatures. Perfect for ages 5+.


Glow in the Dark Dinosaur – Species Vary
Glow in the dark dinosaur figures that stand approx 9″ x 4″  They are squishy & stretchy!

$5.95 each

Start a rock collection, today!        All rocks: $1.50 each
(From right to left, top to bottom)
top row – quartz point, tumbled jasper, fuchsite, rough rose quartz, pyrite (fools gold!);
2nd row from top: chalcopyrite (peacock rock), rough orange calcite, tumbled sodalite, hematite, amethyst cluster;
middle row: chrysocolla, citrine, rubellite tourmaline, sandstone, orchid calcite;
4th row from top: banded agate, red tiger eye, tumbled adventurine, copal amber, jasper;
bottom row: silicon, fluorite, amethyst point, blue kyanite, snowflake obsidian.

Additional $1.50 for velvet pouch. ideal for holding your treasure

Collector’s Box
Heavy-duty clear plastic box with 17 compartments is perfect for rock collecting. Includes cards for each slot to write in name of specimen when collected. Length 10½” Width 7″ Depth 1¾”.


Glow Crystal Growing Kit
Grow your own crystals and place them in special display cases.
From Toysmith.

$9.95 each.

Kidzlabs – grow your own geodes! Get creative with this fun activity. Grow your own beautiful crystal geode with this fun and exciting chemistry experiment. Educational & fun to do. Makes a great gift for kids age 4+.  Make beautiful crystals – another great activity to do with your friends!


Audubon Bird Call
simple device ideal for attracting a variety of species. How does it work? Twist the birchwood roller on the zinc plug, and an audible “squeak” resonates. With reasonable care, and periodic re-application of rosin from the included capsule, the call will last a lifetime. Made in USA!



Big Bunch of Butterflies

A big bunch of monarchs, swallowtails, blue morphos, and painted ladies. 1½” x 1½” x 10″.


Raise Praying Mantis!
Praying mantis are considered “beneficial” because they eat insects that often become garden pests:
aphids, scale, spider mites, white flies, etc. Praying mantis egg pods contain 50 upward to 300 mantis eggs, which will hatch, spread and offer protection around your garden and yard. Complete instructions are included for the gardener and for those wishing to raise a mantis as a “pet”. Typically available January through May; More info about JJ Cardinal’s praying mantis and other “beneficial insects”Call us for pricing.

Mother Nature Press

Flower Press kits contains 8 blotter papers, 3 cardboard separators, wood panels top & bottom, 4 wing nuts, 8 washers, 4 long bolts. Made in USA.

3 sizes:
medium 5.75″ square $16.95
large 7-7/8″ square $21.95
(small version not shown $13.95)



Enviro Shopping Bag
You’ll be able to stencil patterns and create a unique canvas enviro shopping bad designed by you with this nifty kit that includes stencils, paints and cool ideas! Help save the Earth by using fewer plastic bags the next time you shop.  Ideal for ages 3+.


Nature Kaleidoscope
Kit Contains: kaleidoscope parts, assembly directions, 2 nature drawings to color, colored pencils, dried flowers and leaves, polished gemstones, glass marbles, and minerals!
Handcrafted in the USA, for age seven and up, and only


Solar Print Kit
Contains everything you need to make your own solar prints including sun-sensitive paper, blank note cards, stencils, frames, and complete instructions.


Sun Art Paper Kit
This kit use the energy from sunlight and water to create a shadow print on sun-sensitive paper. Natural objects like flowers, leaves, shells or some man-made objects are all you need to make beautiful and unique prints. Includes 15 – 4″ x 6″ sheets of paper and a clear acrylic sheet to hold your art in place. Ideal for adults and kids age 6+.   Made in the USA!

Item #88050.  $9.95

Hand Polish a Petoskey Stone Kit
JJ Cardinal’s famous program is now available “to-go”! Kit includes everything you need to hand-polish a Petoskey stone in one handy little kit. Contains:

  • Petoskey stone slab (from Michigan!)
  • Wet/dry sandpaper (220, 400 and 600 grit)
  • Polishing cloth
  • Polishing powder
  • Complete instructions

All you need is water, a thick towel, a shallow plastic plate, and in no time, you’ll have a lustrous stone with the familiar six-sided Petoskey image. Polishing the Petoskey stone would be a great group or classroom project. $6.00 each

Bird Call Squeaker Kit
For many, many years JJ Cardinal has conducted a fun event teaching young people about the communication techniques birds utilize. Now this “class” is available in a kit form: our famous Bird Call Squeaker!

By twisting the wood dowel into the hole of the handle of the bird-call, you will produce a squeak most birds find irresistible. Contents: Wood dowel, Wood Handle, Neck strap, Vial of powdered rosin, Small square sand paper. Made in Michigan.


Frog Life Cycle Stages by Insect Lore
Accurate lifecycle replicas of some popular creatures.

$4.95 each

Flat Top Bird House Kit by GoodPlanet – includes solid wood pieces pre-cut, pre-drilled, lightly sanded, illustrated instructions, screws, nails, closure latch, & tiny sandpaper.  Features: side panel clean-out, roof vents, drainage slots, & attached predator guard. Finished dimensions: 10¾” x 5½” x 7″ entry hole 1½” diameter. Tools required (not included): hammer, Phillips head screw driver. A great project for all ages!

Available in 3/4″         Pine $24.95                 Cedar $26.95

 Building plans for Flat Top Bird House Kit are right here]    flat-top-kit-inst-screw-version.pdf

Bat House Kit from Coveside Conservation
Features a simple, single chamber that holds up to 20 bats. Features an extended landing pad anGet creative with this fun activity Grow your own beautiful crystal geode with this fun and exciting chemistry experiment. Educational & Fun to do. Makes a great gift for kids age 4+ Make beautiful crystals Great activity to do with your friends creative with this fun activity Grow your own beautiful crystal geode with this fun and exciting chemistry experiment. Educational & Fun to do. Makes a great gift for kids age 4+ Make beautiful crystals Great activity to do with your friendsn interior covered with screening to provide bats with a maximum foothold. Also includes echolocation slot to help the bats locate the cavity. It’s a great educational tool for all ages. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and information about bats, pre-cut solid pine and all the hardware required (nails & mounting hanger). Overall dimensions: 16″h x 8″w x 3¾”d. Boxed – great for shipping. Made in the US.


The Fly-Thru Feeder Kit from GoodPlanet™ is a great general purpose feeder which can be hung or pole mounted. Just pour in a few cups of seed to attract a wide array of birds: cardinals, nuthatch, woodpeckers, goldfinch, chickadee and more! Featuring solid ¾” pine or cedar. Pre-cut parts, solid all-screw-assembly, holes pre-drilled, and edges lightly sanded. Finished dimensions: 9″ x 5½” x 5¼”. Made in USA.


Nesbitt – a chickadee roosting box kit from GoodPlanet™

Provide a warm shelter for chickadee and nuthatch with this fun little kit featuring minimal ventilation to keep box warm. Hardwood perch inside; front opening clean out panel. Solid cedar parts are pre-cut, routed, lightly sanded, and holes pre-drilled. 7¼” x 6¼” x 7″. For all ages capable of using a Philips head screw driver (not included). Detailed assembly instructions. Made in the USA.


Two-sided Fruit Feeder Kit by GoodPlanet
Kit is made from solid pine or cedar, edge sanded and pre-drilled. Stands 10″ tall, 5½” wide. Roof spans 3-3/8“. Holds halved fruit on 3/8” diameter hardwood spikes with perches. Includes screws and eye-hook for hanging.


JJ Cardinal has some really nice toy’s and items in stock in the store that may not be listed here for kids.

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