Bird Seed Bags and our Little Red Wagon!

Children love riding in Lil’ Red and this child is no exception! This is her fourth annual ride in the wagon that happens during seed pickup and her visit to see family who live in Michigan.  Followers of our page may recognize her from previous posts: Brynleigh Mae – 5-years (Sept. 2017).

The extraordinary seeds in our custom blends have proven to be most attractive to the widest variety of birds that visit backyard feeders. Most of our seed comes from Michigan distributors freshly mixed to our specifications. On average, about 3,500 pounds of assorted beak-smackin’ good seed flies out of our little shoppe every week!

“Perhaps the best bird seed that Mother Nature has to offer!”   It’s been our slogan since we opened the store…and our quest never ends: finding you the very best seeds and grains that are available. 

·   98% clean premium black-oil sunflower seeds
·   hulled select sunflower chips – fine and coarse
·   bright white safflower
·   NutraSaff organic safflower with thin shell
·  thistle – niger, or “Guizotia abyssinica” seed
·   hulled millet
·  peanuts – whole & shelled
·  corn – cob, cracked, & whole

Our bagged bird seed is indeed a “Michigan Connection”: Tons of fresh bird seed from John Van Den Bosch, CompanyTM of Holland, Michigan is delivered weekly to ensure freshness and adequate supply. Our bags are made by Sun Coast Packaging of Sodus, MI.  Nice folks. You’ll be glad to know the birds will love seed from J.J. Cardinal’s and you’ll feel good knowing you are supporting local, Michigan businesses!


You will not find “filler” seeds such as: barley, milo, rape seed, wheat, oats, or sorghum in any of

JJ Cardinal’s Quality Custom Blends.
Nope. No how, no way.

Birder’s Dozen Deal!

Purchase 12 bags of the same size and variety of any of our beak-smackin’ birdseed, and your 13th bag will be