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Traditional Style Bluebird Box – XL
by GoodPlanet™

XL…as in extra large. We’ve re-engineered our signature bluebird nesting box…now 13% larger than the previous version. Handcrafted from solid 7/8-inch cedar with zinc-coated screw construction for long life. Copper portal guard stops squirrel damage and predator guard protects nestlings from invaders. Our famed “sub-nest dry-floor” protects nests from blowfly larvae. Side panel lifts open for easy clean out and monitoring. Pole, post or flush mount. 13¾” tall x 7¼” wide x 8½” deep. Entrance opening: 1½” diameter. Well ventilated, finely crafted.

Unpainted – Natural Cedar $41.95
Painted – bluebird blue roof   $44.95

Chalet Style Bluebird Nest Box by GoodPlanet™ – Solid 7/8-inch cedar & zinc coated screw construction for long life. It’s a safe haven for your birds: large overhanging roof on all 4 sides shields the sun and rain, decorative copper portal guard stops squirrel damage, and a thick predator guard protects nestlings from raccoons and other nest invaders. Unique “sub-nest dry-floor” protects nest from blowfly larvae. Side opening panel for easy clean out and monitoring. Pole or post mount.
Natural cedar $43.95
Blue roof *  $48.95

Flatback-style Chalet Bird House by GoodPlanet™
A good customer requested that we create a flat-back version of our popular Chalet House shown above. All dimensions and features are the same: large roof overhang on 3 sides with a flat-back to facilitate mounting on a building, fence or post. Steel tan-colored starburst* portal cover by Erva Tool.

Natural cedar roof: $43.95
Bluebird blue painted roof: $48.95  (sold out – allow 5-days)

Sparrow Resistant Bluebird Nesting Box from Goodplanet™
Slot entrances are more attractive to bluebirds than to sparrows. Made from solid cedar with a fold-down front panel for easy clean out and observation. Adjustable floor block included (sparrows dislike a shallow nest box). 10″ tall x 5¾” deep x 7″ wide. 1¼” slot opening. Roof overhangs front of box by 2″ to provide shade. Ventilation slots on side panels and floor. 


Flat top bluebird house by Goodplanet™

Available in solid pine or cedar. Side clean-out, predator guard block, well ventilated, made with screws, not staples. 13″ tall x 5½” wide x 7″ deep. Completely assembled.

Pine –  $24.95

Cedar –  $26.95


Starlight Lodge: Large birdhouse
15 inches wide by 28 inches tall Four individual compartments house “colonial nesters” or many other species of birds that prefer to nest inside. Handy brass screws on bottom separate base for annual cleaning, mahogany perches add interesting detail. Base fits 4″ x 4″ post (not included) for mounting. Southern Bird Gardens

Item#STLOD. $220.00


Starlight Bungalow: Small birdhouse
Designed for bluebirds but there are many other species that would like to make this house its home: black-capped chickadee, house wren, tree swallow, tufted titmouse, and white-breasted nuthatch to name a few. Birdhouse dimensions: 10 inches wide by 21½ inches tall.  Handy brass screws on bottom separate base for annual cleaning. Base fits 4″ x 4″ post. Southern Bird Gardens

Item #STBUN. $138.00


Birds Choice
Wooden eastern bluebird house with viewing window 9″ L x 7¾” W x 14″ H, 1½” hole/entry. This birdhouse features a generous roof overhang, ventilation, and drainage holes to keep the nest dry and cool. An inside front wall screen assists the nestlings as they climb to the nest hole when fledgling. It has a side-opening door with Plexiglas panel for safe viewing. The Plexi panel is removed by removing the “L” screw for easy cleaning. It is constructed of 7/8″ cedar with weather-resistant plated deck screws and has front predator guard. Made In USA.

Item #GBLUEBIRD  $53.95


Birds Choice™ – Ultimate Bluebird

The ultimate wooden eastern bluebird house 7″ L x 8¾” W x 15″ H, 1½” hole/entry. The ultimate bluebird house has two side doors, one engraved with “CLEAN” and one engraved with “VIEW”.  Behind the view side is a clear Plexi-panel so the nest will not be disturbed while viewing. It also has a stainless steel screen raised floor to reduce blowfly infestations. Other features include predator guard, copper chew guard and extended roof.  Made in the USA.

Item #BB-ULT.  $58.95

Swell Shelf by Goodplanet™
(aka: American Robin Nesting Shelf)
Use as a nesting shelf for American Robins (and other species) or as an occasional feeding platform. Made from solid cedar, rich deep red roof, zinc-coated screws. Wide roof overhang protects shelf: 6¼” deep x 9″ wide. Swell shelf stands proudly 10½” tall.
2 styles:

Unpainted Roof –  $26.95      Red-Roof –  $29.95


Robin’s Roost

A nice, simple nesting shelf by GoodPlanet. Made of solid cedar 12½” tall x 7″ wide x 9¾” deep.  Mounting screws included.



Mighty Fine Wren Nest Box

Heirloom quality.  This is one of those cherished possessions the proud owner will likely include in their will!  Hand-crafted bird house from GoodPlanet™ – so nicely finished you’ll be tempted not to put it outdoors!   Large roof/overhang, flat bottom, solid 7/8” cedar, zinc coated screws, side clean out panel with latch. Overall dimensions: 9¼” high x 11″ wide x 7-1/8” deep.  Hardwood wren-shaped predator guard with steel portal ring to keep other birds or varmints from enlarging opening.  Available in 2 styles:

Woodland Green painted roof  $39.95 
Unpainted style – $35.95 

Simple Wren Nesting Box“for a complex world”!

Made from solid cedar with keenly routed edges, zinc coated screw construction, 1″ diameter entry opening, front opening clean out. Same basic design as “Tucker Wren” (right) minus extended round predator guard. Overall dimensions: roof width 6¾” x 7″ deep – box 5½” wide x 5½” deep x 8¼” tall.    


Tucker Wren – inspired by the unique 1948 Tucker Torpedo. Auto buffs have long admired the tri-headlight design featuring a roving center beam, or “cyclops-eye”, that turned in-sync with the front wheels to illuminate the road ahead of the driver around curves.

GoodPlanet’s wren house sports a round entrance opening 1-1/8” diameter protected with a steel portal cover. Solid cedar, front opening clean-out, overall dimensions: roof width 6¾” x 7″ deep – box 5½” wide x 5½” deep x 8¼” tall.


Window Nest Box

Attach to outside window with suction cups. View birds nesting from within your home. Proper dimensions for most backyard cavity-nesting birds. Fun and educational for children. Made from solid 7/8” pine, four heavy-duty suction cups, for years of enjoyment.


Winter Roosting Box
from GoodPlanet™

Featuring GoodPlanet’s trademark Woodland Green heat absorbing roof. See description below for more detail.


Chickadee Roosting Box
by GoodPlanet™

The smaller cousin to our popular Winter Roosting Box, above. This model is designed especially for Chickadees. Made from 7/8” solid cedar with hardwood perches (inside). All-screw construction, routed edges, and finely crafted. Front panel clean out with latch. 1-1/8” diameter opening with steel predator guard. Roof has a large overhang and paint dark green to absorb the sun’s rays. Overall dimensions: 8¼” tall x 6¾” wide x 7-1/8” deep.


Screech Owl Nesting Box by Looker

Solid cedar construction 14″ x 15″ x 18″. Entrance hole approx. 4″ diameter, front panel pivots open for easy cleaning. Also ideal for American kestrel, common yellow-shafted flickers, and squirrels!  Made in the USA.

Model #SE519.  $64.95

Nesbitt: a chickadee roosting box kit

Solid cedar parts – pre-cut, routed, sanded, pre-drilled – all ready for assembly. Made in USA. Available as a kit or pre-assembled.


Wood Duck House

Designed to provide the wood duck with the proper nesting cavity. 3″ x 4″ oval entry hole and side clean-out. “Exit ladder” 6-inch wide hardware cloth strip – screwed to the inside front providing a climbing aid for ducklings. Songbird Essentials model. Gable roof: 12-1/2″ wide x 11-3/4″ deep. Over-all box dimensions: height 21-1/2″, width 10-5/8″, depth 8-1/2″. Made in USA.

#SESC1036C. $96.95

Wood Duck House

4″ x 3″ front entrance hole. Long-lasting Western Red Cedar construction. Side opening for water front or land mounting. Side opens 2 ways for undisturbed viewing of nest, bottom half opens for cleaning. Inside ladder for ducklings’ departure. Bedding material included. Songbird Essentials. 24-1/2″ tall, 10-1/2″ wide, 12″ deep. Made in USA.

Model #SE589 $82.95

Hardwood Shavings
GoodPlanet’s Hardwood Shavings & Chips – great for bird houses and small animal bedding. 

99¢ bag (about ½ lb.)

Oak, ash, walnut & species other than cedar.

Coveside Starling Resistant, Flicker Nest Box
Flickers love this Flicker House, but unfortunately (because of the opening size) starlings do too. The design exploits the flicker’s tree climbing ability. Flickers can approach the entry from below, while the opening is protected from starling access by a Plexiglas shield. The front opens for easy clean-out and it comes with a bag of woodchips. 17″ h x 7½” w x 15″ d.

Model #10072  $68.95

Blues Bird Barn by Heartwood™

We adore birds; you adore birds. So maybe it was natural that Heartwood built one of their most adorable houses ever, topped by a bird’s eye version of a weather vane. Cypress and cedar construction. Mounting plate included.  Model #243. 6” x 11” x 16”. 1½” diameter entrance.

Model #243 –  $89.95


Cottonwood Chapel by Heartwood™

The cypress is reclaimed, and the construction is pure Heartwood – which is to say they’ve put all their hearts into making this a cherished addition for your home and garden, and especially for your birds. Mounting plate included.  Model #242A has a 1½” diameter entrance. Overall dimensions: 6” x 10” x 20”.


Imperial Inn by Heartwood™ 
Meticulous attention to every construction detail is what makes it home for the ages. Solid cedar and cypress with copper roof accents. Mounting plate included. Model #246B, 1½” diameter entrance, 14” x 14” x 18”, produced skillfully by American craft-persons.

Model #246B,  $179.95



Jabob’s Ladder by Heartwood™

Climbing to the heavens!   Dramatic roof is shingled with nature cypress featuring a copper ridge cap. Mounting hardware included, rear clean-out. Dimensions: 5½”W x 23½”H x 4½”D, 1¼” hole opening.  American made!



Huck’s Hideaway by Heartwood™
The adventures of Tom and Huck have charmed generation upon generation; that’s what a classic does. And unlike Aunt Polly’s fence, the classic slat-front design of Huck’s Hideaway weathers wonderfully without any work at all: You and your family can welcome your birds with unparalleled hospitality, as you enjoy carefree ownership thanks to sturdy construction. Overall dimensions: 6″ x 9″ x 17″. Hole: 1½” diameter entrance.  Made in the USA.


Summer Home – by Heartwood™

Traditional wren house made from select cypress with shingled roof gives it exceptional style; copper covered clean out door and metal hanger included. Assorted colors: Redwood (shown), Whitewashed, Celery, Pinion Green (shown), Smoke Grey. Item #087. Dimensions: 6″ x 8″ x 9″, entry hole: 1-1/8” diameter. 

Item #087 – $33.95

Prairie Home by Heartwood™

8” x 11” x 15”, 1½” hole. Available: yellow/moss earth-tones. Mounting hardware attached to hang from post, fence, or side of building. Cypress construction, shake roof with copper ridge accent. Rear cleanout hatch.

Model #183, $109.95


Butterfly Breeze by Heartwood™

Features a copper roof and charming butterfly applique` this high-style home is sure to add good looks to any environment!   Solid cypress construction, copper ridge accents cypress shake-style roof.  Available in “apple green” color only.   6″ x  7″ x 12″ mounting stake included,

Model #198,  $59.95


Butterfly Bijou by Heartwood™

6” x 8” x 14”, includes 46” stake. Copper ridge covers cypress shingles. Available in white, as shown

Item #156. $71.95

Meadowbrooke Gourd Bird Houses
Spring colored birdhouses come in two sizes and assorted colors. The shapes will vary and they can be used inside our outside.
Wren House – roughly 6″ diameter, 1″ opening  $22.95  >

< Bluebird House – roughly 7″ diameter, 1½” opening. $28.95

Nature House aluminum purple martin house
M12K Purple Martin House (Made In USA) The Pioneering Purple Martin House. Developed over 50 years ago, this house revolutionized martin colonization. Many of these indestructible houses are still in the field after decades of use. This twelve-compartment purple martin house has been updated with modern amenities such as sub floors to prevent nests from getting wet, and with internal compartment plugs which allow for the optional enlargement of nesting cavities. This purple martin house comes in simple-to-assemble kit form. Does not include a pole.

$159.99  (unassembled).


Purple Martin House Pole

From Erva Tool’s Nature House division for model #M12K Martin House (see above). 3-section 14′ telescoping pole with “quick lock clamps” allows for speedy height adjustment. For houses that weigh not more than 10 pounds. 79¼” x 3¾”.   Pole heavy-duty, 28-pounds, 0.083 wall thickness, includes ground socket.

Item #MPQ, $144.99


Nesting Material – Collection of sterile materials found to be attractive and safe to nest building birds.            $8.95

Nest Material Holder – We recommend using a plastic-coated metal suet cage for safely offering loose nesting materials. starting at.               $10.95

Hummer HelperNesting Material
Hummingbirds use plant down and spider webs to build their nests; invite hummingbirds to nest in your yard with this nesting material. Goldfinch and Titmouse will also use this material in building nests. Re-useable coated wire cage included.  $11.95   

Refills available: $5.95


Birdie Bell

An all-weather holder which should be filled with nesting material. Versatile enough for holding seed bells, chunks of suet and fruit. Steel cage, powder coat finish (dark forest green). 4½ inches in diameter x 6 inches tall. We now stock the bell packed with feathers.


Sparrow Trap
Heavy Gage Galvanized Wire Netting, Fully Assembled, Easy to Set, Provides Years of Service.
Reduce sparrow and starling populations so you can host bluebirds and purple martins! Overall dimensions: 10″ x 7″ x 18″,