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Cedar Hopper Feeder

Large Fly-Through Platform feeder
by Birds’ Choice©

Large inland cedar roof supported by elegant wrought iron brackets. Solid cedar base frame holds the perforated steel seed tray which allows for drainage and easily removable for cleaning. Birds love the wide open design; you will attract a variety of birds depending on what you put in it! Fill with seed, fruit, and/or suet. (Sown left, orioles and grosbeaks enjoy slices of orange and seeds). roof: 23″ long x 13¾” high x 16″ wide. Item #WCFT-300,


Four-sided Hopper
by Birds’ Choice©. Solid cedar construction, removable seed tray, hinged roof. Seed is distributed on all sides.

Two sizes:
Medium – 16½” x 10½” x 10″, 1½ gallon capacity; item #WC4-200S $76.95
Large – 18¾” x 14″ x 12″, 2¾ gallon capacity; item #WC4-300S. Made in the USA. $94.95

Medium Fly-Through Platform feeder by Birds’ Choice©.

Cedar roof and base with removable perforated steel seed tray, sturdy and steel roof support.  17-1/8” L x 12″ W x 11¾” H.  Item #WCFT-200. 


Medium two-sided hopper by Birds’ Choice©

Select 7/8” cedar, all-screw construction. 16½” x 10½” x 10″.  1¼ gal. seed capacity. Removable perforated steel screen tray with seed diverter. Hang with cord or mount it on a pole. Side-mounted suet cages are optional. Made in the USA.
with suet cages – item #WC2-200S-S $72.95
Without suet cages: #WC2-200-S $65.95

Small two-sided hopper by Birds’ Choice© 

2½ qt. seed capacity, 9-3/8” x 10½” x 9¾” -select 7/8” cedar, all-screw construction, with side suet cages. Removable perforated steel screen bottom with seed diverter. May be hung (cord included) or pole mounted.
With suet cages as shown: item #WC2-100S-S, $57.95 
Without suet cages: #WC2-100-S $50.95

Large 2-Sided Hopper by Birds’ Choice©

17¾ L x 14″ W x 12″ H; volume: 2¾ gallons seed. Solid cedar, all screw construction with removable perforated steel screen seed tray. Post mounting recommended. Made in the USA.

· without suet cages, item #WC-300.  $82.95· with suet cages – item #WC300SS. $89.95

Really Small Cedar Hopper Feeder
by Birds’ Choice©

with nylon hanging cord. Solid cedar construction – zinc coated screws. Dimensions: 8” L x 6¼” W x 8” H. Plexi-panels, hinged roof. Item # WC-100. Made in the USA.


Hopper Feeders made from Recycled Plastic

Double Decker Hopper Platform Feeder
by Second Nature: a Birds’ Choice Company©
featuring two removable seed trays made from durable perforated steel – ideal to ensure seed stays dry and fresh. Center hopper filled thru roof (piano hinge). Extended seed tray is recessed below hopper, and the massive roof overhang provides shade and protection from elements. Overall dimensions: 24″ L x 13¾” W x 12″ H. Roof: green, tray: black; all other parts: taupe.


Large Recycled Fly Thru – similar to above design, featuring recycled materials. Perforated steel seed tray facilitates drainage and allows air flow through base keeping seed dry year around. Elegant wrought iron brackets support green roof crafted from recycled material. Roof dimensions: 17¾ x 16-1/8” – Feeder height: 13″, taupe colored recycled plastic base: 17¾” x 13½” x 2½” #SNFT300.


Medium Fly-Thru Platform Feeder
by Second Nature with removable seed tray – green roof supported by steel arched supports (note: design change in 2010 – gone are the artistic steel “trees” made from twisted heavy gauge steel wire – they were cute but prone to defects).  18½”L x 12½”W x 11″H. Model #SNFT200G


Green Solutions “blue & silver” feeders by Birds Choice™

Recycled material with galvanized steel screen bottoms, plastic coated steel hanging cables.
                                              (Almost like the Detroit Lion’s colors!)
Small hopper, $35.95

Medium hopper with suet cages $46.95,

and Fly-thru feeder $46.95

4 Gallon HUGE Hopper Feeder – recycled material, attractive green roof crafted from 5/8″ poly lumber; taupe base, and a removable seed tray. Super thick acrylic panel on 4 sides make this a great feeder to watch birds feed. This feeder is warranted by the manufacturer to never crack, split or fade, making it a permanent fixture in your yard.  Mount to a 1″ round pole with our
mounting flange or to a 4×4 post (hardware & poles sold separate).   All screwed construction (stainless steel screws), fully routed edges. Removable steel seed tray makes this feeder easy to clean, and provides excellent drainage to keep seed dry. Made with pride in the USA. Item #SN400. This is a big one! It weighs 15 lbs., stands 18″ x 17″ x 15″.


Large Hopper Feeder by Second Nature: a Birds’ Choice Company™
Huge capacity with this large feeder made from recycled plastic (roughly 61 recycled milk jugs were used to make this feeder). Features a removable seed tray made from perforated steel, with powder coat finish, which aids drainage and allows seed in hopper to “breath” (airflow)…eliminates gunky seed crud build-up common with solid wood floor feeders. Dimensions: overall roof measures 16¼” x 16¼”….hopper is 12″ wide x 10″ deep x 12″ tall. Item #SN300-S,

with attached suet cake cages: $108.95

Model #SN300 – without suet cages:  $99.95

Hopper Feeder
A very green, recycled plastic premium feeder by Second Nature: a Birds’ Choice Company© made right here in the US of A. Overall dimensions: 12½” L x 12½” W x 10″ H with removable perforated steel seed tray. Holds 4 Qts. seed. Model #SN200.

Brown roof (far left) special order – allow 5 days. Without suet cages $84.95 (as shown).

With dual suet cages: $91.95 (not shown).

Small Hopper
by Second Nature: a Birds’ Choice Company© — 8¼”L x 10½”W x 8¾”H. Includes hanging cable, removable perforated steel seed tray is easy to clean and helps keep seed dry. Second Nature uses recycled plastic for the feeder body and roof. Steel screw and hinge.

Brown roof (far left) special order – allow 5 days.
#SN100S – Without suet cages: $63.95 (shown)
#SN100S-S with dual suet cages: $68.95 (not shown, but similar to “large” above)

Platform Feeders and Seed Trays

Gardman Hanging Feeding Tray

Hanging style bird feeder made of steel with a micro mesh tray to help keep bird seed fresher and drier. 9½” diameter x 24″ long (decorative chains). 


Hanging Seed Tray by Second Nature 

Side panels made from recycled plastic; steel hanging rods 11″ square x 2-5/8“. Perforated steel tray for easy cleaning and excellent drainage. #SNHPF125.$29.95

Medium Hanging Seed Tray by 2nd Nature (not shown, model #SNHPF250) 16″ x 13″ x 2-5/8“. $49.95

Hanging Wooden Seed Tray by Birds Choice© – steel hanging rods, cedar tray 11” long x 10¾” wide x 2-5/8” deep. Perforated steel tray for easy cleaning and excellent drainage. Item #WCHPF125.   $28.95

Medium Hanging Wooden Seed Tray by Birds Choice (not shown) 17″ x 14″ x 2- 5/8” deep. #WCHPF250. $39.95 

Large Seed-Catching Tray – made from 7/8” (.875″) solid kiln-dried cedar, and zinc screw construction with removable perforated steel tray for easy cleaning. 22” long x 22” wide x 2-5/8” high. Ideal for pole mounting* directly under a tube or hopper feeder to “catch” any falling seeds.

– Pole mount – item #WCSC-300  $68.95 – special order, allow two weeks.
– 4×4 post mount – item #WC4x4SC (not shown – but same concept as pole mount model above…center “hole” accommodates 4×4 post)  $74.95  – special order, allow two weeks..

Seed Catcher Platform by Second Nature durable recycled “poly lumber” frame with dual removable steel screens. Optional Pole mount*.  Available in 2 sizes:
· Model SNSC-300 measures 21½” x 21½” x 2-5/8”  $89.95 – special order, allow two weeks.
· Model SNSC – measures 20″ x 15½” x 2-5/8”  $59.95 – special order, allow two weeks.

Mounting Flanges from Erva Tool Co. for poles up to 1″ diameter; this is the perfect flange to support seed catching trays below a bird feeder – it allows the pole to run right up the middle of platform. Steel, powder coat black finish, mounting screws included. Item #FPTNH