Habitat’s for Butterflys, Lady Bugs, Praying Mantis, and your imagination!

Butterfly Habitat

Small: 6½” x 5¼”. Synthetic mesh is washable. The zippered opening allows access inside, and carrying handles help transport valuable contents. Great for raising & observing butterflies, and small insects. 


Large Sized Butterfly & Critter Habitat

Features large 24″ x 12″ x 12″ chamber, super-fine mesh screening for excellent ventilation and keeping out parasites, one side is clear vinyl for easy viewing of contents, and large all-around side zipper for easy access and cleaning. Folds into a compact little package when not in use.



Medium Sized Butterfly & Critter Habitat

Washable, super-fine mesh screening for excellent ventilation, zippered opening, with carrying handles, and large viewing window. Shaped like a cube: 11½” x 11½” x 11½”.



Critter Case by Toysmith

A temporary & easily cleanable observation case for “touchable insects”. 7½” long x 5½” wide x 6″ tall. Item # 4045. For ages 5+.



“Wee Wittl” (as in little, the way a child may say it)  Nature House by Tweber

Made in the USA out of hardwood, stainless steel screening, and has a rugged earthy green nylon carrying strap. Red plug (front door) allows access into and out of the chamber. 4½” x 2¾” x 2¾”.


Wooden Children’s Butterfly Net

After observing your butterfly and insect friends, carefully release them to return to their natural habitat. Age eight and up, 10-inch diameter,


Heavy Duty Insect/Butterfly and Pond Nets Made in the USA by Tweber

These nets are perfect for the pond or for catching butterflies. They are high-quality, rugged, easy to grip, and flexible. They feature a spring steel wire hoop and strong nylon netting.

Available in two sizes:
— white net, 10″ diameter, 17″ hardwood handle, $14.95;
— safety glow orange or green net, 6″ in diameter, 12″ hardwood handle, $8.95.

Live Butterfly Garden

Watch and learn as your tiny butterflies turn into beautiful butterflies. Kit includes sturdy reusable airy butterfly garden chamber, certificate for five live butterflies that are delivered to your doorstep, butterfly food, and complete care instructions bursting with fascinating information.

$24.99       (Live butterfly larvae sent by manufacturer in 7-10 days)


Giant Butterfly Garden
Watch the miracle of metamorphosis ten times! Giant sized habitat has super, see-through mesh. Certificate for ten free caterpillars and food ($5.00 s/h fee is all that is required) delivered right to your door. Reusable pop-up habitat stands on a table or hangs from its handy Velcro carry handle. Folds flat for easy storage when not in use. 18″ tall and includes BONUS Butterfly Lifecycle Figures.

$29.99       (Live butterfly larvae sent by manufacturer in 7-10 days)

Curiosity   – Lady Bug Land

From Insect Lore: a live ladybug kit that shows children the four life stages of the ladybug: egg, larva, pupa and beetle. Price includes live lady-beetles. Learn, raise, release. Enjoy.