Bird Watcher's Digest Booklets

If you're interested in everything to do with backyard birds, from bird ID tips to hummingbird behavior, these booklets are ideal for all things backyard birding.

Backyard Bird Identification Booklet – A field guide to more than 80 common feeder visitors across North America. The booklet’s introduction tells you how to identify various birds. The balance of the booklet is devoted to photographs of each species, with ranges, field marks, and food preferences. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Enjoying Bird Feeding More – filled with practical tips on everything from suet to mealworms. Author Julie Zickefoose shares her secrets for setting up a feeding station that will bring your yard to life by attracting more birds. 32 colorful pages. $4.99

A Guide to Bird Homes – Did you know that 85 species of North American birds use nest boxes or natural cavities? Author Scott Shalaway reveals the lessons he’s learned in years of backyard study. You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t work; you’ll get species profiles of the most prolific cavity nesters; and the beautiful photographs that accompany the text will amaze and delight you. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Enjoying Purple Martins More – The first-ever complete handbook for the purple martin landlord. Packed with priceless info, it includes a scout-arrival-dates map, a predator baffle design, and a troubleshooting chart. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Enjoying Woodpeckers More – Join Julie Zickefoose for a journey into the not-so-secret lives of this favorite family of birds. From the dinky downy to the cackling pileated, Julie offers a definitive account of woodpeckers, describing their food preferences, housing choices, and sometimes baffling behavior. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Enjoying Hummingbirds More – This primer offers excellent guidance for attracting and hosting hummingbirds. Any gardener or backyard bird watcher in North America can expect a hummingbird to visit during the warmer months. Eager hummingbird watchers should be prepared to greet these tiny beauties with flowering plants and nectar feeders. Detailed plant and flower charts. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Enjoying Cardinals More – This delightful 32-page booklet contains fantastic information about one of the most popular North American backyard birds-the northern cardinal. Complete with beautiful full-color photographs throughout, this booklet appeals to cardinal admirers of all ages and bird-watching skill levels. Enjoying Cardinals More has all the information bird watchers need to attract cardinals to their yards and feeders. It offers useful tips to help identify cardinals by sight and by sound, and describes a variety of cardinal behavior from nesting to feeding flocks. $4.99

Enjoying Bluebirds More – The perfect bluebird landlord manual! Learn how to get the greatest number of healthy bluebirds and the most enjoyment from your bluebird boxes. Dazzling color photographs and illustrations make this comprehensive handbook an outstanding value. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Answer Guide – BWD Editor Bill Thompson, III, helps you cut to the chase by providing answers and solutions to 101 backyard questions. From cats to squirrels, from baffles to birdbaths, from sick birds to quick birds (hummingbirds), it’s all in here. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Understanding Bats – Learn about the secret lives of these gentle mammals and how they benefit us. Researchers Kim Williams and Rob Mies dispel common myths, answer frequently asked questions, profile North America’s six most regularly seen bat species, and provide information about bat conservation. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Enjoying Squirrels More (or Less!) – Learn about the world of squirrels and the ways you can attract, distract, or repel them. Squirrel expert Howard Youth recounts stories from the squirrel/feeder war front, profiles a colorful roundup of North American squirrels, and outlines ways of keeping squirrels away from your feeders. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99.

Creating Your Water Garden  There are few additions to a yard that evoke the tranquillity and serenity of a water garden. The latest title from Bird Watcher’s Digest Press includes everything you need to know about creating your own water garden. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99

Creating Your Backyard Bird Garden – A great backyard bird sanctuary starts from the ground up. Water, food, nesting habitat, cover—all the essentials are addressed by David Donnelly in this groundbreaking effort. You’ll bring in the birds and thank Bird Watchers Digest. (32-page, full-color booklet) $4.99