Made in Michigan
We are proud to present Evans Lawn Ornaments birdbaths, stepping stones, fountains and benches - made in Michigan! Evans has perfected a unique blend of sand, stone, and cement that goes into the making of each product. The long-lasting finish they use brings out the color of the stone aggregate surface and it sparkles in the sunlight.
Water for all wildlife is essential. We offer several varieties of birdbaths and water features - most of them made in America and constructed from a variety of materials: Cement, clay, aluminum, & plastic.

Bird Baths at JJ's

Water is  integral to supporting wildlife habitats. We carry a large selection and variety of  bird baths to meet both your summer and winter watering needs. We are also constantly updating our selection  of ceramic, clay and stone birdbaths to provide our customers with the most current styles available.  It would be impossible to show them all to you on this page.  Come in for a visit and let us   help you find a products that best meets your specific needs.

For our cold Michigan winters we suggest that if the bath does not have a dependable method of heating the water, that the tops be turned over or cover so that no water can collect before the first freeze of the season.

  We do not offer shipping for ceramic or stone birdbaths.


JR. Superior Birdbath

Two pieces, top 2½” x 20″ D, base 23″ H, weighs 79 lb.


  • pick up at store only

Pee Wee

One piece aggregate birdbath 11″ high, 35 lbs. Item


* pick up at the store only


Brute Jr.

Two piece birdbath – 15″ high, 90 lbs.

* pick up at the store only – currently out of stock

Black Cat Pottery – Hanging bird bath
Cheryl English, clay artist, is making these hanging birdbaths for us.  Having earned a BA in Art History from Michigan State University and an MA in Art History and Archeology from Cornell University

Made in Detroit. 10″ in diameter and 2¾” deep.


Burley Clay Bird Baths

We carry a selections of both glazed and un-glazed bird baths from Burley Clay stop by to see our current collection.


Whitehall Garden Feeder / Birdbath  

 This versatile stake mounted dish can be used as either a bird feeder or small birdbath. Stake length, 18″, bird feeder 9″ diameter

Made in Michigan out of recycled 3/16” thick cast aluminum…this is a very durable, rust-free, to  provide hours of bird watching enjoyment Antique bronze finish.


Bird on a Branch Bird Bath

This lovely cast recycled aluminum bird bath will never rust, and the bird on the branch is also a fully functional sundial!  Breaks down for easy shipping, 26½” tall x 16” in diameter.


currently out of stock


Whitehall  Hanging Birdbath

Dimensions: 15″ diameter, 24″ chain length.  Cast aluminum – no rust. Verdigris finish. Made in USA.


 Whitehall Oakleaf Birdbath & Pedestal  

Dimensions: 15″ Dia. x 26″ H. Cast aluminum – no rust. Made in USA. 

Available in 2 handsome finishes

Verdigris , pictured $89.
Bronze oil-rubbed (not pictured) $89.

Original Water Wiggler – Attract birds to your birdbath and prevent the spread of West Nile Virus with the Water Wiggler. Birds perceive moving water as more inviting, and mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay and hatch their eggs. The Wiggler’s unique, silent agitator action runs 24 hours a day, creating continuous ripples in water. Operates on 2 D Batteries (not included). 2 lbs. Safe for use with heater.


Bird Baths/Feeders
by Couronne Co. of France
Made of recycled glass and metal, these birdbaths/feeders will attract many songbirds.  They can add a nice touch of color to any garden. The color glass is painted then baked on the bottom of the glass, strong enough to resist fading; this glass should be washed gently by hand with warm soapy water. 7¼” L x 7¼” W x 9¾” H. Available in 3 colors: blue, amber, grape green.


Junior Mister

 Leaf and birdbath mister, includes 25 feet of ¼” tubing, brass faucet fitting, mister nozzle, reusable Velcro straps. Each mister gently sprays a fine mist over foliage, elevated above most predators and attracting the delightful antics of hummingbirds. These flying sprites are normally hard to spot, but with an Avian Aquatics mister, you’ll be amazed at just how many are attracted as they dart through the mist again and again, or rub up against the wet leaves to leaf bathe.



Avian Mister & Dripper – Rock Base

Same as above with a layered rock base.


Granite Bubbler by Avian Aquatics –
Attractive granite finish along with a quiet water flow makes this waterfall fit with many modern landscapes. It also produces a pleasant water-falling sound. Includes a “quiet”120 GPH pump. Molded fiberglass waterfall rock is ingeniously designed with its own hidden water pump. The result in any water holder with at least an inch and a half of water is a carefree flow of water so all you have to think about is the best place to sit and watch the show of birds that come and go!

Item # AAW313. $40.95

Erva uses only BPA-free plastics (bisphenol-A). Erva birdbaths are fully insulated & uses an energy-saving 60-watt heating coil with a thermostat that turns the unit on and off quickly, and only as needed. The cord is fully grounded (no need for an additional purchase of a GFI outlet).

Experiencing freezing temperatures in your sector of this marvelous planet? Erva’s heated 14-inch diameter birdbath keeps water open and fresh all winter long. The 60-watt heating element is sealed beneath the black plastic dish, insulated & thermostatically controlled. The heated dish rests in a durable steel frame featuring a handsome gray granite environmentally friendly, powder-coat finish. Guaranteed to provide birds with a water source down to -20 degrees! The heated dish has a one-year warranty. Come spring, it’s a snap to convert this unit into a traditional bird bath by simply replacing the heated dish with a non-heated plastic dish.

Erva Heated Clamp-On Bird Bath

model #BA1H, clamps to deck railing, with heated dish insert (see dish details above).



Erva’s Heated Bird Bath on a Pole

– model #BA10H, sturdy 2 section steel pole with heated insert dish.


Erva’s Heated dish insert (no frame) – model #D14BH, 14″ diameter – replacement insert for heated bird baths shown above (models BA1H & BA10H). 


Non-heated dish for spring, summer and fall – rugged plastic dish fits Erva heated bird bath dish rings shown above (models BA1H & BA10H); perfect to replace heated insert when frost is not an issue.  Made in the USA, BPA free and non-toxic to birds.  Diameter: 14″, depth: 1¼”. 

Item #D14GR. $14.99

Songbird Spa
The Songbird Spa is a versatile heated birdbath with three mounting options: screw on to a flat surface, clamp mount to a deck railing (shown – left), or with its little attachable legs placed it on the ground or patio. The built-in 75-watt heater keeps water from freezing down to -10º degrees Fahrenheit (23º C). It is thermostatically controlled and costs only pennies a day to operate. Songbird spa is perfect for year round use: the cord tucks securely under the bath when it is not in use. The water level is safe for songbirds but still holds over a quart of water. Full 2-year warranty, BPA free, UL approved 14¾” in diameter x 2¼” deep.


Four Seasons Sand Coated, Heated, Ground Bird Bath by Farm Innovators
Attractive sand-coated oasis can be used year-round. Its concealed heating element will keep water defrosted in winter. You can tuck the cord away for use in summer. Birds love its gentle slope to the water edge and the pebbly surface provides comfortable footing for birds. This heated bath is economical to use, too,   thermostatically controlled (shuts off when weather is warmer).

Model #FIFS1. $67.95

Heated Pet Bowl/Heated Bird Bath in One
by Farm Innovators
One quart capacity. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Keeps water from freezing in sub-zero temperatures. Heavy-duty cord protector on 6 foot cord. Great for cats, dogs, rabbits and birds (place rocks in bowl when using for wild birds only).


Birdbath & Multi-Use De-Icer
by Songbird Essentials
Economical 150 Watts of power. Cast aluminum construction for long-term efficiency and performance. Non-stick coating to reduce corrosion and eliminate lime buildup. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary – costs only pennies to operate. Designed for multiple uses around the home and farm. Use in bird baths, buckets of all sizes, small animal waterers, 15 gallon stock tanks and more. Safe for use in plastic. Submergible design with an impressive 5½ foot long power cord and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Item #SE994  $52.95

Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath
Versatile!  It may be mounted on a deck railing with its “EZ-Tilt” mounting bracket or mounted on its 37″ PVC pole (included). Thermostatically controlled. 14″ in diameter,

Model #ALLIED-PR14B,   $76.95

Thermo-Pond 3.0 by K&H Manufacturing – a great, efficient pond heater. Uses only 100 Watts & maintains a hole in backyard pond ice for just pennies a day. Floats on top of the water. Thermostatically controlled – fish friendly – assists the escape of toxic gases all winter long to help maintain a toxic-free environment for fish living under the ice. Tested in northern Wisconsin at temperatures of 30 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). One-year limited warranty.

Model #KH8001 was $69.95,


Weather-Resistant Cord Lock – Internal gasket assures a water-resistant connection between your birdbath heater cord, and an extension cord.

Green. $6.95