The Wonderful World of Bats! Bats are among the some of the most interesting and important beneficial mammals. Of all mammals, bats make up 25% of the world's population!


Batty Shack from Heartwood
A charming and whimsical creation for your nocturnal neighbors. Strategically placed dividers behind the witty facade provide living quarters for bats. Cypress construction, cedar shingles and copper ridge piece. 38″ x 12″ x 5″.  Made in the USA.



Bat Lodge with Redwood Stain Roof. This two-cavity bat box with its “climb-in” mesh-landing pad allows easy access for bats when entering the box. Inside the mesh provides a nice surface for bats to hang from. This box built to OBC specifications* and it will accommodate up to 40 bats. It is also waterproof and made out of 100% cypress. The attached hanging hook makes it easy for you to mount it to a surface. Dimensions: 12″W x 22″H x 4″D Weight: 5 lbs.  Made in the USA by Heartwood.


Bat House Kit from Coveside Conservation – features a simple, single chamber that holds up to 20 bats. Features an extended landing pad and an interior covered with screening to provide bats with a maximum foothold. Also includes echolocation slot to help the bats locate the cavity. It’s a great educational tool for all ages. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and information about bats, pre-cut solid pine and all the hardware required (nails & mounting hanger). Overall dimensions: 16″h x 8″w x 3¾”d.



Cedar Bat House by Birds Choice™. Single chamber, but still offers enough room for 75 to 100 bats! Front ventilation and echolocation slot. 3½” deep x 15¼” wide x 29″ tall.


Some fascinating bats facts:
Bats are the only mammals capable of actual flight.
· A bat’s wing is much like the human hand: it has four fingers, and a thumb.
· Bats locate food with sound waves.
· Bats are not blind. Most bats live up to 35 years.
· The largest colony of bats, over 20-million, is found in central Texas.
· Most North American bats hibernate in the winter. Bat babies (pups), can weigh up to 25% of the mother’s weight. Ok, Moms, can you imagine giving birth to a baby that size?


Bat Tower by Coveside Conservation – designed to be post or pole mounted. Offers 3 chambers plus an “attic”! Made in USA from 1″ thick eastern white pine which offers good insulation and durability. Bat Tower model #01008 measures: 6″ deep x 7″ wide x 25″ high.



Evergreen bat houses
Solid wood, painted olive green or barn red. 7¾” wide x 13¼” tall. Mounting hardware attached.


Bat Condo by Coveside 19″ h x 9½” w x 7½” d — 1″ eastern white pine offers good insulation, accommodates over 50 bats and is ideal for a nursing colony. The vertical house contains 4 chambers and can be easily mounted by a hanger on a building or a tree. Model #01001.